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Thank you for your interest in our Undergraduate Religious Studies Department. We hope the information below will help you discover the best journey for you to undertake as you follow God’s leading in developing your skills to serve Him.


The Associate of Arts degree in Religious Studies is a two year degree totaling 66 hours.  The following courses make up the AA Degree:

Bible and Theology required courses             15 hours

  • Bi 108  Old Testament Literature
  • Bi 111  Life of Christ
  • Bi 116  New Testament Literature
  • Th 203 Systematic Theology I
  • Th 213 Systematic Theology II

General Studies                                           21 hours

Bible/Theology electives                           12 hours

General Electives                                       18 hours

Total                                                               66 hours



Bible and Theology*

 36 Hours

  • Bi 105 Pentateuch
  • Bi 111 Life of Christ
  • Bi 108 Old Testament Literature
  • Bi 116 New Testament Literature
  • Th 203 Systematic Theology I
  • Th 213 Systematic Theology II
  • Th 313 Systematic Theology III
  • Th 307 Hermeneutics
  • Bi 322 Apocalyptic Literature
  • Bi 323 New Testament Epistles
  • Th 325 Apologetics
  • Th 344 Historical Theology

General Studies*

33 Hours


27 Hours

Religious Studies Electives

12 Hours

Communication Elective

3 Hours

General Electives

18 Hours



 *Required courses




The student, after completing the course work should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Bible content in both the Old and New Testament.
  • Demonstrate an intensive knowledge of scripture content in all given areas of electives.
  • Exhibit an understanding of hermeneutical principles using proper methodology in biblical interpretation.
  • Engage in systematic Bible study using various Bible study methods.
  • Show evidence of maturing Christian experience as a result of direct Bible study.
  • Recognize and evaluate in the light of biblical revelation the major schools of thought in historical and contemporary theology.
  • State and defend a worldview that is consistent with biblical revelation and stated in theological terms.
  • Defend a conviction that the scripture is God breathed.
  • Defend biblical Christianity in the face of attacks from scientism, historical criticism, philosophy, cults and non-Christian religions.
  • Articulate the major tenets of Calvinism, Arminianism, Existentialism, and Liberation Theology.
  • Define and defend his/her faith from a conservative, evangelical viewpoint.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Bible doctrine.



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